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Google Rolls Out Checkin Deals for Latitude Nationwide

Posted by Ed Loessi on April 8, 2011

Google Latitude, the search giant’s location-sharing mobile app, is launching checkin offers nationwide, giving users the ability to unlock discounts with a handful of launch partners.Much like Foursquare and Facebook, Latitude now reveals different offers if a user checks in to locations hosting a Latitude deal. However, Google adds…

via Google Rolls Out Checkin Deals for Latitude Nationwide.

OfferedLocal Take:

In the Mashable blog post above it was noted that Google might be a little late to the location based checkin party and is aggressively moving in response to its inability to acquire Groupon, all of which could be true to some degree.  For once though I think that Google might just be continuing with a plan started long ago, which might have been helped if they had acquired Groupon but is ultimately rolling forward at great speed regardless. So why is that?

  • Google has a dominant mapping system used across the web and over the phone
  • Google is going to be the dominant smart phone operating system, where said mapping system resides
  • Google has Google Places, on said mapping system
  • Google has trained businesses to buy ads for the web and it will be easy to buy ads/deals for mobile devices
  • Both the buyer (businesses) of ads in the form of deals and the end user of the deals, the consumer know the Google brand and for the most part trust it

I could go on and on but at this point it is pretty clear that Google will get a large portion of the deal market regardless of its perceived lateness to the party.  One might actually conclude that Google is just fashionably late?

So, what does this mean for businesses and the deals market when it comes to location based marketing?

  • The ability to offer deals is going to get easier, Google is good at making things pretty easy
  • The cost of offering deals will decline i.e. no longer having to share a large portion of the revenue as was common in the case of early Groupon deals, might actually become extremely cheap as Google can afford to drive numerous competitors to the brink with its war chest of cash
  • You will really need to have your Google relationships tied up; claim your place, create a good profile
  • Be ready to experiment with deals sooner rather than later, the current deals are being released by national brands but soon enough local small businesses will be able to create and run deals of their own

In the end, the here a deal there a deal mentality is here to stay and it’s only a matter of time before everyone has one.

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