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Early indications are that social people like offers

Posted by Ed Loessi on February 20, 2011

Whenever you are starting a new company or building a new product you are generally driven by the need to address a particular issue in the marketplace.  In many cases it starts with a problem that you have or one that you discover as you are working with clients in a different area.  As you begin to look into the issues you read blog posts, check news stories and look at related products to determine if the problem is real, big and potentially within your realm to solve, especially if you are going to be doing it as a start-up company.

Sometimes the time between the idea gelling and the product marketing/sales activities kicking off can be 6 months maybe even more and you have had to put into words many times what it is you believe and what it is you are doing.  This process tosses out the incorrect ideas and assumptions and gives you a whole lot of practice coming up with what it is you are really doing and who you are doing it for.

It’s at this point that I love to crank out a Wordle, a cool form of word visualization that brings out common ideas from mounds of text.  Above I have inserted the current Wordle for OfferedLocal based on a few writings and blog posts that have been done while we were getting the idea, company and product up and running.

So, what we believe we are doing is creating a platform for location based marketing which brings together social media marketing and to some extent mobile marketing, since most people are using their phones as if they were a computer.

In looking at what we have written about we can see a slightly different pattern emerging with prominent words such as; Social, People, Offers and Marketing, hence the catchy blog title “Social People Like Offers”.  I like to say Wordles don’t lie, which is really to say that there are key aspects of related writing that are sometimes lost until you visualize them correctly.

So, what does this have to do with location based social medial marketing?  Well, it points out that if you are a marketer, you need to remember that this is currently all about social people and their desire to get something in return for their engagement with your company.

There have been a few articles already, particular Mashable’sVirgin America Rewards Checkins with Frequent Flyer Points – that have highlighted this desire and some of the early promotions that are addressing this desire:

“Virgin America, for instance, is using the platform to offer application users frequent flyer points in exchange for their checkins

“Some other top-notch rewards include 10% off rentals from Avis, 50 bonus points for checkins at Doubletree, Quality Inn, Comfort Suites and Cambria Suites hotels”

Of course this isn’t just for big companies, if you are a local restaurant doing your own promotional marketing or a  local retail store managing your social media marketing you need to not only provide people with info about your venue or products but give them something for being in the know or checking into your location.  It can be something as simple as reminding them about your midweek dining specials (because who wants to cook on a Wednesday) or giving them advance notice about an upcoming sale, or in both of these cases creating offers that are only for this group of people, making it really exclusive.

As we continue building out our product and business I will run all of our blogging and marketing material through the Wordle process to see what interesting things pop up, does our view on location based marketing or social media marketing change or are we seeing variations on ideas emerge from within the cloud of words being written on the subject?

So, for now, social people like offers, remember that!

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